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Established October 28, 1996

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Welcome to DW's Joke of the Day!  I hope you'll find something to amuse, encourage, inspire, or simply divert you.  There is a large collection of humorous tales, inspirational pieces, and other goodies that you can access using the buttons above.  Throughout these pages you'll find material suited to all ages.

Here are a few highlights that will help you understand what Joke of the Day is all about:

Free Subscription Offer

You can subscribe to my free, daily "Joke of the Day."   This service is different from almost every other Internet humor service, in that it takes a bit more of an intellectual approach and it's squeaky clean--the kind of material you could tell to your mother or grandchildren.  Please give it a try!

Please visit the "What Joke of the Day Considers Funny" page for an overview of the approach, standards, and philosophy you'll read here.

Squeaky Clean Humor Library

Please also visit the extensive library of "tales" that have appeared in these pages.  These are accessed by using the buttons at the top of this page, or the quick reference list below,  You may open the "tale" library that interests you.  Under "Classic Tales" you will find a number of topical headings and specialties of the list.

Inspirational Messages

People contribute all types of material to the daily mailing list.  Here are a few of the best "non-humorous" pieces collected for you.

Special Collection

Visuals, animations, and other unclassifiable pieces that simply don't fit elsewhere.

WebRings & Association Links

If you found your way here using a "Ring" or other chain-type link, click the button below to find your way back to the appropriate navigation bar.

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How Subscriptions Work

Thank you for your interest. To subscribe to DW 's Joke of the Day, or the Inspirational Messages list, please use the form below. Both lists are completely free of all cost or other obligations.  Your e-mail address will never be sold, rented, or made available for solicitations or spam purposes. If you have questions about privacy, please read our privacy policy.

Subscription Information and Related Topics

The Inspirational Messages list distributes occasional non-humorous material shared by
DW's Joke of the Day


An important special subscription note about ISP spam blocking.

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What DW's Joke of the Day regards "humor" to be.

What's Funny?

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