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A Ghostly Image

Virginia is filled with strange, out of the way places and the ever-present memory of the Civil War.  It seems that the owners of a certain house had been seeing images and hearing strange voices for quite a while.  After some research they determined that a prior owner had lost her husband during the Civil War.

She was said to have seated herself at the table and look across the fields in anticipation of her loved one returning home.

He never came.

They say she still waits.

This photo is claimed to capture the actual spectral image in the picture.  If you look carefully, you'll be able to see the ghost for yourself.  It might take a minute to find it, but when you do it just stands out ... like one of those optical illusions.

To save you some time, concentrate around the table. Best not to focus too much on one spot. Look around the table and toward the window.

Click on the button below for the picture.  For an added touch, turn up the volume, it's faint but you can hear the ghost talking--sometimes in a low murmur. Remember to turn your volume up moderately, or you may not hear anything.  It may take a minute or so before you pick out the ghost so give it time.

Warning: Seriously, folks: This isn't for the faint of heart.  Please don't proceed if you startle easily.


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