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From time to time visitors to this site or subscribers to DW's Joke of the Day share their comments and appreciation for the material or for contributions made by others.  If you have comments you would like to share with the general readership and other visitors, please use the form below.  If you have complaints or other issues, please use the Comment Form.

Please remember that this is generally an inspirational, uplifting, and family-focused site.  Because "Guest Books" have become a repository for spam in recent years, it is necessary to screen the material before posting it.  Comments not in keeping with the theme and standards of the site are are not displayed (and not read, so don't even bother leaving them).  Other comments will appear here as soon as practical.

The Guest Book is rather blank at the moment because many years of comments were lost when we moved to a new server in 2004.  Please don't let this hold you back!

Thanks, as always, for your support,


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