Bailey Jane

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This piece comes by way of Julie in Des Moines, Iowa.

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My one year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girl, Bailey Jane and I have been involved in pet therapy. At the Sunday chapel service, at the hospital they had several therapy dogs and the service was about the healing power of pets.

They read verses from the bible sang the friendly beast, and so on. All of us were on the alter sitting with our pets.

During the prayer, (we prayed for just about everything), the Chaplain said,

"We pray for world peace."

There was a pause and Bailey Jane gave the loudest, sharpest, clearest one bark that just said AMEN. It was hilarious.

When we made rounds to visit the patients after the service several patients who had watched it on closed circuit TV, said,

"Where's the little darling who wants world peace?"

They truly are gifts from God.