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This is the home page for the LDS Humor Ring.  The purpose of this page is to describe the Ring and invite you to join.  Please take a few moments to read this page so you'll understand what the LDS Humor Ring is all about.  At the bottom of the page you'll find instructions as to how you can join.

What is a Ring?

Rings are a popular method to increase the number of visitors site.   The general concept is that participants in a "ring" agree to display a common banner in a prominent place on their sites.  Rings are usually built topically.  Visitors may move easily from site to site by using the navigation features of the banner.  Thus a visitor with an interest in "LDS Humor," for example, can sample the features of many sites sharing this common interest all at the same time

Not only do you get increased visitors, you get visitors who are specifically interested in what you have to offer.  Web sites can and do participate in multiple rings.  You must have a web site or page in order to participate in a ring, but you do not need your own page simply to visit one.

Participation in the LDS Humor Ring is free and does not involve any cost or other commitment, apart from a willingness to be part of the Ring and conformity with the standards set forth for it.

Why an LDS Humor Ring?

There are more humor-focused Rings that can easily be counted, but there are very few devoted to squeaky-clean, family-oriented material.  Many that do exist aren't especially active and some allow material that those embracing LDS standards would still consider questionable.  The purpose of the LDS Humor Ring to provide the benefits of a Ring both to visitors and site owners while maintaining these standards.

Who Are You?

My name is and I operate DW's Joke of the Day, which has quite an active site and also maintains a free, daily humor e-mail list that conforms to the principles and policies outlined here.

Who Can Join the LDS Humor Ring?

The LDS Humor Ring is devoted completely to sites that have clean humorous content on them, and that are otherwise consistent with LDS standards.  The Ring allows you to increase your visitor traffic and get a good response -- because the people looking at your site are actually looking for what you offer.

More specifically, the LDS Humor Ring is looking for sites that feature humorous content, whether jokes, stories, cartoons, anecdotes, or the like.  The material does not need to specifically feature an LDS setting (although this is certainly permitted) but it does need to conform to a general standard:

  1. Sites must be thoroughly and completely G rated in all respects.  Sites that mix G and "adult" material are not permitted, nor are sites with links to other sites that are not G rated.  Although it is not required, I would strongly encourage you to participate in one of the several available "family friendly" web site rating services.  The one I work with personally is SafeSurf.

  1. Sites must not contain pornography or adult images, adult, crude, off-color or offensive language, nor link to other sites that contain such material.

  2. Sites must not contain racial, religious, personal, or other forms of intolerance.

  3. Sites must not promote of illegal or questionable activities in any form, including chain letters, pyramid schemes, or other "get rich quick" programs.

  4. Sites must not advocate or promote  gambling in any form, including lotteries.

  5. Sites need not be LDS-oriented specifically, but they may not contain material that in any manner demeans, questions, or challenges LDS doctrine, values, or principles.  They may also not link to other sites that do.

  6. No site may participate in the LDS Humor Ring that is also part of other "rings" (regardless of where these are hosted) that includes sites advocating skepticism of LDS principles or doctrine.

  7. In general, sites should strive to conform to the counsel given in the 13th Article of Faith:

"If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."

  1. In the end, however, I retain the right to reject any site from participation in the LDS Humor Ring if it contains material I regard as inconsistent with the theme and spirit of the other sites in the Ring.

What Options Are Available?

Without going into extensive detail, there are several types of "rings" available.  The original "WebRing" enterprise was started by a fellow named Sage Weil.  He sold WebRing to Starseed, which was acquired by Geocities. In  1999 Yahoo! bought Geocities, and with it, WebRing. 

After that time the amount of attention paid to the WebRing was limited and many changes were not positive.  For this reason I began maintaining the LDS Humor WebRing started some time ago (I also belong to several other WebRings) but I have been developing new opportunities through other platforms that deliver a comparable service--one being RingSurf.

In 2001 a private group acquired WebRing from Yahoo! and has promised to restore the old, more customer-centered practices and policies.  It remains to be seen how successful they will be.

My advice is to join both the WebRing and RingSurf rings.

How Do I Join?

If you feel the membership requirements described above generally describe your site, I sincerely welcome your participation in the LDS Humor Ring.  Follow the link below to get started.  Thanks again for participating!

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